Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Lip Synch Task

The first video was Bon Jovie's Living On A Prayer. 

  The second video was the first part of was Busted's 'That's What I Go To School For'.

The first task we did was a lip sync exercise. This involved taking a song and recording the somebody signing the lyrics to the song. This would then be edited to make the video and the song in sync on the program Premier Pro.
During the research and planning we created a story board and shot list to help us during production. by taking screen shots of each section of the music video we needed provided us with a story board of which screen came next and also what type of shot was needed to recreate the video.
We also delegated tasks out to other members of the group and listed the jobs given to each member. this provided us with a quick and efficient way to get the planning done in order to ensure we had more time for the actual recording of the scenes.
I believe we should have planned out our time and which shots are to be done when as we spent allot of time discussing which shots to do which reduced our filming time, also the organising of extras and class room arrangements to fit the video took up time which also impacted our filming time. Finally we should have organised who out of the cast would not be able to film as this meant that some scene could not be filmed and large positions of time was spent not filming due to this.
During filming we learnt about using the camera and the tripod to help recreate the shots from the original video. By using the stand we were able to make the camera stable however this did mean trying to find space in a small room for the tripod to be without effecting the set, this was then fixed by using zoom from a suitable space. Another issue during production was the maturity of the cast as they found it embarrassing or funny and so were unable to stop laughing which also reduced our filming time, to improve this I believe several rehearsals should be made before the filming begins and also sort briefing showing the regiment of each scene. Finlay the directors requests and ideas needed to be more forced, direct and clear in order to ensure film time is not waisted and the shoot is satisfactory for the final cut.
After filming we went on to using Premiere Pro to edit our video. once the video was complete it was then uploaded to YouTube. During this area of the task I was able to learn the basics of the program such as putting clips together and cutting them, over the A2 year I will become more experienced with it as i ask questions and get more hands on with the program to be able to do more advanced things such as speeding the clips up and down.
What would have been more effective would have been if we looked at the original video and recorded the timings of each shot to then help us put it together.

To conclude I shall improve:
  • The organisation of all sections of the music video
  • the continuity of the video
  • Pre arrange this by working in advanced with auditions and rehearsals 

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