Sunday, 22 September 2013

Andrew Goodwin Part 4

4. The record labels demand for the music videos feature lots of close ups of the artist in such a way that will reflect that stars image and personality to the audience.
Music videos are promotional devices used by the record label to increase sales to there target audience. the video also creates a brand identity and establish the values that there target audience agree with. And so to appeal to those target audiences the close ups allow them to identify with the artist.
 The Video That I have looked at to show this is Everybody Wants To Be An Astronaut by Royal Republic.

            •  This video straight away uses close ups of the lead singer, dreaming of being an astronaut. By using the close up clearly shows who the main characters are in the video.
                  • These are close ups of the lead singer at the start of the video playing the role of a performing arts/ music teacher, an astronaut and himself as the lead singer.

  •  The next set of close ups show the guitarist of the band. The first close up shows him playing the role of a janitor at the school.
  • The next close up shows the guitarist  playing the guitar but very briefly as the camera quickly cuts to the lead singer.
  • As the lead singer has the most screen time shows the higher status in the band and is the person of most importance.
  • The final close up shows the guitarist in his dream of painting

  •  The drummer is shown next. Like the other band members (beside the lead singer) there is very little screen time.
  • He is shown playing a gym teacher who's dream (shown below) is to be famous and is also shown playing his drums.

  •  There is then a mix of different shots of the band playing there instruments.
  • each band member has a close up but the lead singer has the most amount of screen time as the others have quick cuts to different shots.

  •  The base guitarist is then shown as a science teacher and his dream, as a magician.
  • He like some of the other members has very little screen time or the least screen time. 

  • In the end they are all shown playing together along with some more quick cuts and close ups of each member of the band both as an actual band and as the band of school staff.

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