Thursday, 17 October 2013

Audience Feedback From pitch

Suitability for target audience?

  • Really suits it.
  • suitable.
  • independent, indie rock, disjunctive.
  • Should have hipster people in it singing.
  • 'Radical' target audience.
  • Need to make it more clear who the target audience are.
I will need to make it clear in the video who the target audience is by having teenage characters in casual clothes, which is a convention shown in my research.

Originality of the idea?
  • really like it and reminds me of Gotye, Somebody that I used to know
  • would work well with the song choice
  • Like the focused on art
This is very positive feedback, means that my video is different.

Thought/ comments on logistical arrangements?
  • What will happen if you make a mistake?
  • Only concern is the continuity of the drawing and having to pack it up.
  • How long would it take you to draw the pattern?
  • Very effective, you have thought the idea through well.
I will draw on the wall paper which will be temporarily attached to the wall in pencil. This will sort the continuity and reduce the number of mistakes. Any mistakes will have to be worked around and added into the work. The pattern will not take long to draw as long as i scale it up to a reasonable size then it wont take long at all.

Comments on the technical aspect of the idea- does it sound achievable with college equipment?
  • Yes, think it could be possible and even go a little bit more experimental with camera angles etc (don't play it safe)
  • Fine, no problems
  • Simple but effective, is also achievable
  • sounds very realistic
  • will lighting etc let you be able to see the pattern enough?
  • easy to do
  • sounds technically straight forward
Very positive feedback again, the idea will be to draw in pencil and then draw in thick black marker pens so it will stand out no problem.

Does the idea sound realistic- i.e. does it sound like an idea for music video/ print work?
  • Yes- reminds me of OK GO
  • not sure about print work but definatle a music video
  • fits genre really well
  • could look really professional
  • sounds realistic, like the idea of layering lots of shots
Very good feedback  print work will need some more planning  but will not be a big problem.

Overall, does this idea sound exciting and achievable?
  • Yes
  • Definaly exciting, looking forward to seeing it
  • could be really good
  • really like this idea
Really good feedback.

Overall the feedback is very positive  all the questions and problems have a solution, which may not have been put across clearly during the pitch. Very pleased with the feedback and the results from the pitch.

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