Monday, 24 February 2014

Queston 3. What have You Learned From Audience Feedback?

To gave audience feedback I asked A group of students with the same age group as my target audience and also are interested in Indie music. As quantitative date would not have been useful I decided on some quick open questions to ask them and recorded them in the short film above.
The audience feedback was general positive but there was some recommendations made by the group such as.

  • Improvements on the performances particularly with the lip syncing .
  • The drawing on the wall could have been done on a larger scale and would have looked better.
  • The only way in which the magazine, digipak and music video link together is the use of text font.
I agreed with all the comments on the music video and advertisement package. I could have worked with my cast more before the filming to make them more confident and able to give a more confident performance. I would also have liked to have worked on the drawing on a larger scale however the time it would have taken would have been too long and thus making me late on the deadline. Final I do agree with the idea of the digipak, magazine and video don't link very well but it could be something to improve on by changing the colouring and the lighting more to make it darker.
During the interview with the group I asked about if they had seen anything similar to this before in order to determine if my music video seemed original. They said they thought they might have seen it in something similar but after the interview i researched into it some more (after hearing there sugestions on where they might have seen it) and I concluded that they most likely had not. This is possitive as it does mean my music video is original and different.
If I had had more time to produce the work and organise it I would have prepared my performance and made sure there was a clear link in all the promotional work I poduced. I would have also planned my time better in order to get the most out of it.

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