Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Cast for my video

Singer/ star
Name: Oliver
Role: will be photographed for my digipak and advert for the song. Also will be stood in front of blank wall slip sinking the song for the performance element in my video
Contact detailed: Yes


Rest of group/ doodlers
Name: Katherin
Role: Doodling on false wall

Contact detailed: Yes
Advisability: Frequently

Name: Jade
Role: Doodling on false wall
Contact detailed: Yes
Advisability: most of the time


Name: Jess
Role: Doodling on wall
Contact detailed: Yes
Advisability: most of the time

1 comment:

  1. There are lots of blogs, which shows the journey well. Keep putting in updates.

    1) Keep going back to your target audience as you develop your idea.
    2) Location and risk assessments need to be sorted out fairly soon.
    3) Don't forget your rough drawings etc.