Monday, 18 November 2013

Song lyrics

A Little Opus By Little Comet

You feel the weight of imposition
Bear heavy on your own decision
Fate to face they multiply
The crush of language
And the cedent school ties
The subtle angles of tradition
Eton for portent
St. Paul’s for context
Oxbridge for vision
No need to make this popular
One man for progress
One man for past tense
One man for vision
No need to make this popular
With your school cap
Blowing in the breeze
It’s about time
That we made education
Not a funnel but a wide line
Youth to NEET
As Gove to tact
A million faces that are
Staring straight past
This mix of ignorance
And fission
I’d rather starve then
Become a member of
Your old boy’s club
Sooner depart than
See the ascension
Of the Bullingdon
Because I want to
Make a breakthrough
A tired addendum
To working hard….

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